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Monday, February 06, 2006

Could life get any better????

I tell you right now I am about ready to crack!! Work is sucking right now and now I have two puking kiddos.

First I'll get work out of the way! I work at a facility for the physically and mentally disabled, I work in the accounting office there, and I do our monthly billings to the state and counties for these individuals. During my yearly review my supervisor decided that it made more sense for me to invoice the county billings myself instead of me handwriting them and than the Accounts Receivable person invoicing them. Well she decided to let the A/R person know last week that when I did the county billings for January that I would be doing the invoicing instead of her and of course I was out with a sick kid the day she told her. So, I come back to work and am informed that this meeting was held and that the A/R person is mad at our supervisor because of this decision and now the A/R person will not speak to me. I just ignored it on Friday..but today it was the same shit just another day..it really upset me this morning because not only will she not talk to me but neither will one of the other ladies in the office. It is like I am trying to take her job away from her and that is not what is happening at all..this was our supervisors decision not mine..but I guess if she wants to be all pissy about it than so be it!!

And now today when I get home from having a super crappy day my daughter has the pukes and about 45 minutes ago the middle son woke up with the pukes..I think that this is going to be an extremely long night!!

I just have to keep looking for the positives right now because I feel like I'm going to crack!! There are good things that are going on in life..like my best friend moved back from California and now only lives 40 minutes away from me..the hubby and I are going away in 2 months to Las Vegas for a friends wedding and we are leaving the kids home with my niece for 5 days and 4 nights..and we are getting a pretty good tax return which will really come in handy for the trip!! I feel a little more positive now..just needed to talk it out.

Monday, January 02, 2006


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

It's finally over..

Today is finally the last day of Christmas break and I am soooo happy!!

The oldest is finally feeling better and is good to go come tomorrow and now we just have to make sure that the others don't come down with it.

We have been so busy with company that is nice to have our house back to just us and I am looking forward to getting into the usual school schedule with eating dinner at a decent time and getting the kids to bed at there regular time. The hubby and I were talking today how it feels like for the last week we have eaten nothing but junk, so starting tonight we are having a regular dinner that you have to cook. I just write that we are going to cook a meal tonight and the hubby comes in and asks if we should just go pick something up for dinner...he totally blew it!! haha

About a month ago we got a dog..we had to put my snoopydog to sleep..so we went to the Humane Society and looked at all of the different ones they had. While we were they we came across Dottie..she is part Shar-pei and yellow lab..well we fell in love with her and adopted her. She has been a great dog until this morning..we come down this morning and she decided to chew on a couple of the toys that we have for my great niece to play with..she bit a hand off of one of the Barbie's and couple of animal toys that Riley got from the Rainforest Cafe. The hubby had gotten into the habit of not putting her in her kennel at night..well that is all changing tonight..the little terd. She is two years old so I thought that she would be all done with the chewing things up..I told my niece that she is getting naughty and she told me that she is just getting comfortable with her new home..I'm glad that she is comfortable but she better not destroy much more!!

Well better go figure out what to have for dinner now...darn him for even suggesting eating out!! haha

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Years to all!! I hope that this year brings happiness for everyone.

I am in a way glad to see 2005 gone. It has been trying years in some ways and now it is over..actually the trying part was over before the holidays..but now I can say it is a clean slate for 2006 and I know that the same mistakes won't be made.

We didn't do much of anything for New Year's. My niece and her daughter came for dinner and then we watched a movie..oh and played Nickel0de0n trivial pursuit. I would have to say that I suck just as much at that game as I do the regular versions. haha The hubby and I did stay up with the kids to ring in the new year together and we had some non-alcoholic champagne for them to celebrate with. I have a feeling that this is the last year that the oldest will probably celebrate with us..oh no I guess he will for a couple of more years because he will still have a 10:30 curfew..sucks to be him!! haha

I am glad that the holidays are behind us..we have been going nonstop since Tuesday because my nephew was home for the week. We did a little too much drinking on Tuesday night and I had to work on Wednesday..thank goodness I had Thursday and Friday off on vacation and we have Monday off for our holiday so a nice 5 day weekend for me!! I love when the Christmas holidays fall this way..it means an extra day off of work.

The oldest has been sick since Wednesday..the horrid flu..today he finally was running a normal temp and eating more. I feel bad because his Christmas vacation sucked since he was stuck in bed for most of it, but he will survive. Only two more days and they get to go back to school and I think in a way we are all dreading it. I really enjoy getting up in the morning to a quiet house and not having to get anyone ready but me..kind of selfish..since I know that this is really the last year the Riley is going to let me help her pick her clothes out. It scares me some days when she dresses herself..she is such a tomboy and always borrows her brothers t-shirts and then she ends up looking like a boy. Oh well what are ya going to do!! haha

Well my main reason for posting was to say Happy New Year and than I just ended up rambling about nothing..oh well. I guess I will get heading to bed since the whole excitement for the new year is over.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas

So, is everyone ready for Christmas?? I'm not!! I just finally finished up my shopping lastnight and we don't have any presents under the tree yet. I guess tonight I will be a wrapping fool so that we can atleast have some under there a few hours before Christmas Eve.

I just have not really been in the mood for Christmas and it is taking me a long time to get things accomplished...obviously!! The kids are so tough to buy for at there ages..so I went ahead and bought them there Nin ten do DS systems that they wanted with a game and only a few other things from the hubs and I. Those little game systems are expensive and especially when you times it by 3. We did get the kids a quesadilla maker and so for Christmas eve we will have those for dinner, since it is just the hubs, me and the kids. On Christmas day we will have my dad over for dinner..we are going to have ham and cheesy potatoes as long as I can get ahold of my sister today so that I can get the recipe for her potatoes.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


My coworker that was on maternity leave finally came back yesterday!! I'm so thrilled because now I can actually get caught up on my own work and not have to do two jobs everyday.

I hope all of the little ghosts and goblins scored big on Halloween..I know mine did and now we can deal with the sugar highs for the next week!! It doesn't seem to matter what age they are they still get that sugar high and it can just drive you insane. The oldest was sick yesterday, so he didn't get to go trick or treating...this is the first year that any of the kids have missed out on that. The other two and my niece split up there candy so that he could still have some and they all have plenty.

The oldest is still sick today, so we went in for a strep test and we are awaiting the results at home. I really hope that it is not strep because it is the end of the quarter on friday and with already missing two days this week he needs to get back to school tomorrow so that he can get caught up before friday.

Well I suppose since I am home I should try to get something accomplished!! Later....

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kidlings!!!! YEA!! I am so ready for them to get back to school...they are driving me nuts with all of there fighting. This will be Ryan's first year at the middle school and tonight he finally admitted that he is a little nervous about going..there will be all kinds of new faces with all of the elementary schools coming together in the middle school..but it is also a great way for him to meet some new friends so I am excited for him. Lee thinks that he is a hot shot because he will be in 8th grade the top of the school..that is all fine this year but just wait until he gets to the high school next year!! haha Riley is excited because she got Ryan's teacher from last year and she is a super nice teacher.

We had to take Riley in today to the clinic..2 years ago she had Bells Palsy and lastnight I noticed that the symptoms that she had from that time were back. Poor girl looks like she had a stroke on the left side of her face when she smiles. They put her on a couple of prescriptions for it and all should be good in a few days just like that last time. When she had it the first time it scared the crap out of us..we took her into the emergency room and they did a CT scan on her..she was only 7 and it is not very common for someone at that age to be diagnosed with. The doctor today told us that it is common for it to return 2-3 times in her life and things like nerves can bring it on. It wasn't scary this time though because we knew what was going on and it was just a simple appointment to get her updated on weight so that they could prescribe the right doses.

I have been majorly busy at work for the last month..my co-worker had her baby 7 weeks early and I am doing her job and mine. I don't get much of a chance to do my own job, so it really sucks!! I use to be bored at work, but I guess that isn't the case anymore!! haha Said co-worker brought her new baby boy into work on Monday...he is absolutely adorable and tiny of course. He just finally got out of the hospital last Monday..so we were all so excited to finally get to meet little Max.

How about those gas prices...they suck so bad!! We have a Tahoe and I think that we are just going to park it for a while and see what the gas prices do...the hubby is cool with riding his bike to work and I'm using his beast of a car because it is a hell of a lot cheaper on gas.

Well I am off to make sure that everything is in order for the school day tomorrow!! Have I mentioned how excited I am that they are finally going back to school!! haha

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So it has been a while again!!

Well since the last time I wrote we got the boys all settled into our bedroom and we are now settled into there bedroom and I am loving the new arrangement.

Two weeks ago was our county fair..I really dislike the fair but I went anyway..even my dad went along with us and spent the whole time with us..that is pretty good for him.

My husband and I also celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on August 14th. He took me out the weekend before our anniversary..totally surprised me and wouldn't tell me where we were going..we ended up in a small town about 30 minutes from us to this really cute little place and had a great dinner together.

Yesterday was my baby girls 10th birthday. Now all of the kids are in the double digits and that makes me a little sad..most of the blogs I read everyone as either small babies or toddlers. But than again my kids sleep in on the weekends so I get to too!! haha

Tomorrow we go for the boys' registration at the middle school and next tuesday we go for Riley's registration and before school conference. They all start school on Sept. 1st and I am really ready for that. Ya know it is the last weeks of summer vacation that they just start driving you nuts and they fight nonstop.

The weather around here has been absolutely beautiful as well..it is definitely starting to feel like fall..by 6 pm it is already starting to cool down for the night and sleeping with the windows open is wonderful. I'm not ready for snow by any means but I just love the smell of fall.

Well hopefully I will get my stuff together and start writing more..I may even attempt to add a pic of the kids on there first day back to school!!